¨To create, is no more than another way to say to feel. ¨

¨To create, is no more than another way to say to feel. ¨

A. Sisley

Poiesis is a group of phenomenological experimentation and investigation in Expressive Arts Therapy, Trauma and Embodiment. Our primary intention is to generate a space where you can consolidate knowledge and experience, with emphasis on the value of art, the creative process, philosophy, and science in accompanying the effects of trauma.

The term Poiesis has its’  base in Transdisciplinary Art Therapy; it is the capacity that the person has to connect with understanding through the process of ´doing´. The process of ´creating art´ permits ones internal reality to manifest and experience to be expressed authentically and spontaneously.

It is centred in the real value of the creative process, the acquisition of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the self through experience, play, art and its’ expression. Martin Heiddeger describes poiesis as:´the blooming of the flower, the emergence of the butterfly from its cocoon, the plummeting of a waterfall when the snow starts to melt.

The majority of the sessions are practical and require student participation; reference experiences, applications and methods will be presented to work with and investigate. The elaboration of scenes through embodiment practices creates space for deep integration to occur.

Poises EXAT Online is a foundation course of 50 hours, which aims to provide continuous training to professionals and students interested in acquiring a greater understanding of the application of creative therapies, art therapy and expressive arts therapy in the accompaniment of processes in trauma, pain and disease.

This online course is intended for professionals and students in the creative therapies who have an interest in integrating different expressive, creative and somatic resources in their professional practice, within the framework trauma and embodiment.

The creation of this group allows

Ethical Values and The human Principle

Reinforce the importance of ethical conduct and interdisciplinary work in the monitoring of pain, illness or terminal processes.

Elaboration of resources and authors that address the subject

To offer a program of accompaniment that facilitates resources and tools to support emotional stabilisation, the human experience, and that helps find answers in moments of crisis, uncertainty, pain, feelings of hopelessness, and unrest.

Consolidation of knowledge and resources on art therapy

From a phenomenological perspective, make dialogue between individual and group needs with the artistic and expressive resources that are proposed, to facilitate and accompany the expression of emotions, feelings and their stabilisation, enhancing internal resources that help regulate, modulate and metabolise well-being.


  • Apply for an online registration form by emailing us at: info@institutopoiesis.org
  • Completion of the 50 hour course online.
  • Presentation of Online Program 
  • Completion of 20 hours of work experience in facilitating group work in expressive arts and embodiment.
  • Participation in individual and group tutorials.
  • Completion of all coursework and group materials.
  • Presentation of an Artistic Diary/ Ethnography sketchbook and final performance
group Tutorials
individual supervision